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You're Under Arrest

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At Bokuto Precinct, two female traffic officers, Natsumi Tsujimoto (a super strong motorcycle enthusiast) and Miyuki Kobayakawa (a superb driver & mechanic and expert with computers) have to deal with demented & perverted felons, bashful (but hunky) policemen, & where the cutest girl in the office... isn't a girl.

You're Under Arrest was recommened for me after watching New Dominion Tank Police, You're Under Arrest became one of my favorite animes. Who can't love the officers of Bokuto Station.

 Yoriko (Ep 1)

 Natsumi (Ep 1)

 Natsumi & Miyuki (Ep 1)

 Natsumi (Ep 2)

 Miyuki (Ep 4)

 Natsumi & Osyo 'The Fox' (Ep 4)
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