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In the year 2050, a mysterious alien race called the Inbit invaded and conquered the Earth. In 2083 a fleet of troops from Mars, which had been colonized years before the invasion, are sent to retake the Earth. The force is virtually wiped out. Surviving pilot Stig Bernard continues on his quest to reach Reflex Point, the Inbit main base, while forming a group of ragtag freedom fighters along the way.

Mospeada was used by Harmony Gold as the third chapter of it's Robotech series changing the names of characters and some of the plot. Robotech was the 2nd anime I watched growing up and is the real reason I got involved in anime

 Ray / Rand in Armor (Ep 8)

 Houquet - Rook Bartley (Ep 15)

 Houquet - Rook Bartley (Ep 21)

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