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Gall Force Earth Chapter

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The human race discovered the ruins of an ancient ship beneath the moon's surface and used the knowledge gained to create weapons of war. Eventually these weapons turned against mankind. Heavily influenced by the 1988 Terminator movie, this series focuses upon Sandy Newman as she leads a band of warriors in an attempt to reclaim the earth from the machines, if they can only reach the machine`s headquarters located in Australia.

There are other Gall Force story arcs, but I really only enjoy this one the most.

 Melody (Patty's reincarnation) (Rhea Gall Force)

 Melody (Patty's reincarnation) (Rhea Gall Force)  

 Sandy (Rabby's reincarnation) (Rhea Gall Force)

 Sandy (Rabby's reincarnation) & Bauer (Rhea Gall Force)

 Sandy (Rabby's reincarnation) (Ep 1)

 Sally (Pony's reincarnation) (Ep 1)
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