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The year is 1999. Hajime Amamori is just a normal, everyday elementary school student, but then one day his parents are killed. Now orphaned, Hajime is taken in by his uncle, who is an astronomer, where he meets a girl, Yayoi, he's seen before and developed somewhat of a crush on. But Yayoi isn't exactly what she seems. She is the Queen Millennial, specially chosen by her home planet, LaMetal, to go to Earth and help prepare for the annihilation of the Earth. It seems LaMetal has an extremely elliptical orbit, which sends it near Earth every 1000 years. When it gets close enough, the earth reacts, causing all sorts of natural disasters. Although chosen to protect LaMetal, her personal plan is to evacuate as many humans as she can to LaMetal, so if their planet is destroyed, they will survive. However, there are many that are attempting to stop her. Only with Hajime's help can she save the Earth..

Another classic created by Leiji Matsumoto, where a young boy helps a strong willed heroine and now a favorite of mine.

 Daisuke (Ep 10)

 Yayoi / Queen Millennia & Hajime (Ep 18)

 Yayoi / Queen Millennia & Hajime (Ep 24)

 Hajime Amamori (Ep 35)

 Yayoi / Queen Millennia

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