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This is 6 part OVA that deals with Yuumi Takeshita, who is a cheerful lady who recently joined the police force of the Tawagoto precinct. In a flashback Yuumi is a young girl running from a man in a rain jacket right into the path of an oncoming truck. The man injures his hand while saving her. Several years later, she meets her savior once again while performing her first arrest attempt. He is a magician named Tohru Ichidaiji and Yuumi is charmed to finally meet him. Yuumi continues to get Tohru's help in solving the many odd cases she is assigned to, while their relationship grows.
While I love many serious sci-fi animes, I also find many comedic animes when I need a good laugh. Everyday Is Sunday is an anime that fills that need.

 Yuumi Takeshita (Ep 1)

 Yuumi Takeshita (Ep 1)

 Yuumi Takeshita (Ep 1)

 Yuumi Takeshita (Ep 2)

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