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Gall Force: The Revolution

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A reboot of the original series, telling the struggle between the West Force and East Force armies of the Solnoids, which threatens to escalate into total destruction of the Solnoid race as both sides search for the ultimate war weapon, the anti-matter gun. By happenstance, however, several troopers from the East Force (Eluza, Rabby, Patty, and Rumy) and the West Force (Lufy) encounter the Conch, an outlawed Solnoid anti-war organization which is trying to spread peace among the hostile parties. As they discover that the war is merely used as an insidious instrument of balance by one singular Solnoid party, the rogue Solnoid troopers unwittingly find themselves fighting for an idea completely alien to them, but which presents the only way of stopping this perpetuated madness.

Being a fan of Gall Force, I had to watch the reboot, and liked it just as much as the original.

 Eluza (Ep 4)

 Pony, Rabby, & Eluza (Ep 4)

 Rabby (Ep 4)

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