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Gall Force: Stardust War

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The destruction of the future Earth is averted, but Lufy and her friends find themselves in another twist: in a desolate solar system named Sigma Narse, the Solnoids and Paranoids intend to finish the war by fighting to the last by using their Planet Destroyers—which will result in the destruction of both sides, leaving them nothing but stardust in its wake (hence the title "Stardust War"). An encounter with the Solnoid instigator of the secret plan Captain Catty Nebulart, convinces the crew to try and walk a different path: To attempt to convince both sides to stop the senseless fighting by reminding them what they have already lost...

Less action and more talk in this Gall Force, the 3rd OVA, of the saga.

 Catty Nebulart


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