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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
801 TTS Airbats
801 TTS Airbats - The Ladies of the 801st High
Dirty Pair
Dirty Pair - Looking for cels of Kei & Yuri of course Very High
Dominiom / New Dominion Tank Police
Dominion Tank Police - Looking for cels of Leona Ozaki & Bonaparte Very High
Gall Force Earth Chapter
Gall Force - Cels of Sandy from Rhea Gall Force & the Earth Chapters High
Genesis Climber Mospeada / Robotech
Genesis Climber Moseapa / Robotech - Cels of Rook & Rand High
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 - Any characters from Gundam 0083 Medium
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Any cels of the female characters especially Emma High
Queen Emeraldas
Harlock, Queen Emeraldas, Galaxy Express 999 - Any cels from Captain Harlock, Queen Emeraldas, Queen Millennia, & Galaxy Express 999 High
Riding Bean
Riding Bean & Gunsmith Cats - Rally Vicent High
Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross / Robotech
Southern Cross / Robotech - Any cels with Mary Angel / Marie Crystal and Lana / Nova Very High
Super Dimension Fortress Macross / Robotech
Macross - Macross 7 - Robotech - Robotech II - Looking for cels of my favorite character Milia Fallyna Jenius (Miriya Sterling) Very High
You're Under Arrest
You're Under Arrest - Any of Miyuki driving or Natsumi showing her strength Very High
You're Under Arrest - Any nice cels from the series High

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